Stylish British Dunhill Surfboards for the Queen Lovers

Surfboard by Dunhill is one of the most luxurious boards I have across until now. Being one of my favorite sports, and also Dunhill being one of the coolest brands around, I would certainly recommend this cool product. It costs nearly £1,895 and is worth every shilling you spend.

Dunhill may not be associated with surfing much in the past but has teamed with big names like Jed Noll, Pukas and others. The board measures 9 feet and will allow you to take the waves in style. Patriotic British and the patriotic colonized must support brands like Dunhill which speak about our unique British heritage, whether British or British colonies.

In fact, with this surfboard around with you, you would be carrying a piece of England even if you go to the South Pacific. Maybe it is time to piss the English haters off by using this surfboard in such annoying countries.

via: GQMagazine

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