DIY Ensemble HD Home Theater Kits for the Rich

Epson has unveiled a luxurious new Ensemble HD Home Theater Kits for those want class and style. These kits come with the latest 1080p HD projectors and also include 3LCD 1080p Front projectors. With a motorized 100 inch screen, you could be sure that whatever you want to watch or play will be displayed on a gigantic screen right in your room or living space. Only, this time around you would not be spending a hell lot of money.

It also comes with integrated surround sound and an AV controller. The built in DVD player makes sure you can play everything you want except Blu-ray which is a disappointment. The kits begin at about $4,999 and cost up to $7,999.

These DIY kits will let you set up a home theatre and projection system right in your living space at an affordable cost. I am so excited about this, that I may jus buy one for myself!

Via: OhGizmo

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