£23,000 Golden iPhone Is Decadent

Stuart Hughes has designed unique and stylish 22 carat solid gold iPhone 3G. It also comes studded with 53 VVS1 diamonds and has an Apple logo inscribed in 22 carats. Four proficient craftsmen came together to create this magnificent piece of work which is by no means easy to describe. In my opinion, this is one of those rare 3G phones, which look good and are designed in the most exceptional manner.

The moment I look at this, I feel it has been made for the elite who would take it to the balls or glamorous parties of the yesteryears. However, I dislike the color yellow and anything that is golden. Hence, I find this iPhone boring and uncool, while the original one looks a lot better and is a lot cheaper too.

Why would anyone want to carry golden phones is something that I can’t understand. Perhaps, you can understand and if you do, go ahead and buy this monstrosity. At about £22,995.00 it is one of the stupidest products to buy.

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