Ultraslim Laptop Backpack Perfect For Everyone

Unless we are going trekking in the wildest parts of the Himalayas, most people would hate to be seen with a backpack. Mostly because it is just not considered as cool as it had once had been and also because backpacks are bulky and are heavy even without stuffing it with something.

When you have to carry a laptop to work every day, though, it becomes near impossible without a laptop bag. Most laptop bags have a long solo strap but these are not the greatest things for long term use; they are uncomfortable, sometimes painful and difficult to carry for long durations at a stretch. You could opt for a backpack but who does that? The Ultraslim Laptop Backpack is a backpack made especially to carry your laptop. The perfect decision for those who hate bulky backpacks, the slim backpack can easily carry a 17” laptop and offer it all the necessary safety while distributing the weight evenly across your back so you barely feel the weight.

The laptop bag is made from lightweight neoprene and breathable airmesh and can be machine washed. Shoulder straps are adjustable and include a strap-pocket. Apart from the laptop compartment, the bag has another compartment for accessories. The Ultraslim Laptop Backpack costs $80.

Via: ThinkGeek
ultraslim laptop backpack

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