Orchestra Kitchenware: Feast And Make Merry To The Tunes Of Your Kitchenware!

It is often said that the family that eats together stays together. However, the amount of spiteful food fights that we have all had with siblings and in the canteens at school would be enough to prove this isn’t true. Music, on the other hand, can turn the mood around and tame the wildest of us all.

Orchestra Kitchenware perhaps works on this principle because this set of kitchenware will spread silent notes of musical tunes through your kitchen, calming everyone present and putting them into a light and fun mood. Every product included in this fascinating line of kitchenware represent music, either as a musical note or instrument, making you feel like part of a huge orchestra. Promising an enjoyable meal, the Orchestra Kitchenware includes the Guitar Plate fashioned with strings for you to strum a romantic melody, Xyloplate complete with drumsticks, Do-Re-Mi Wine Glass, and Maracas Pepper and Salt Shakers. Completing the sense of living in music is the Music Note Hanger.

The Orchestra Kitchenware is designed by Hyuh Jin Lee, Chooi-Leng tan and Hye Ryoung Cheon. C’mon, invite your friends for a meal and dance away to the sounds of your own personally created musique!

xyloplate and drumsticksmusic note hanger and guitar platemaracas pepper and salt shakersDo-Re-Mi Wine Glass

Via: TuVie/VHXN

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