High Road: Flying Automobile Follows After Terrafugia’s Transition

March of this year heralded a transition in the mode of transport, offering a glimpse into the future. With the first successful test drive/flight of Terrafugia’s Transition, the idea of being able to fly a car became almost a reality. The fact that the Transition was commercially available, for almost $200,000, seemed to seal the deal.

Giving the Transition tough competition is the High Road. Designed by Stephen Harris who owns the company Leigh Aerosystems, the High Road is a flying automobile that appears even more viable for use on stable roads than does the Transition. Viewed from in front, the vehicle looks no different than any other car, but the wings folded alongside and the tapered aerodynamic design give it away. The High Road can cruise at a top speed of 180mph at 15,000ft. Initial wind tunnel tests at the San Diego Air and Space Museum would show just how fine the design and mechanism of the flying automobile is.

Apparantly, the High Road is designed after the Aerocar, by Molt Taylor, which is currently the only airplane that is legally permitted to drive on US roads. Leigh Aerosystems hopes to find external funding to make it commercially available. However, like the Transition, you would probably require a Sport Pilot license to fly it since it would be deemed a Light Sport Aircraft.

high roadhigh roadhigh road

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high road

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