Epson’s Ensemble HD Home Cinema System: Entertain Yourselves

Home cinema systems are the best when it comes to enjoying the wonders of a great movie while in the comforts of our own homes and at our own sweet time. Heightening this experience of pleasure is the Epson Ensemble HD home cinema system.

Epson has just announced the latest juicy news about their Ensemble HD system which has come out a little later than was expected but would still interest just about anybody looking for a great visual and auditory experience. The Ensemble HD Home Cinema system would feature two new monikers (PowerLite Home Cinema 6100 and Home Cinema 6500 UB) and 3LCD projectors. The 100” screen has built in speakers which offer surround and also included are a DVD player with receiver, a universal remote and necessary accessories. The complete kit can be installed on one’s own without professional guidance and the projection mount is a big help in this case.

The PowerLite Home Cinema 6100 will cost between $5,000 and $6,500 and the Home Cinema 6500 UB will set you back $8,000. On the other hand, what is a little money when you get great entertainment in return?

Via: UberGizmo/SlashGear

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