Cadillac Life Phone: Your Wish Is My Command!

What lies in the future? Technology and the quality of life have already advanced so much, it seems the human species has already reached the apex of their existence and have only nothingness to look forward to. Creativity, however, is a powerful force that does not let us give up.

Robert John Borrmann had to create for his college project a gadget that could be used a decade into the future. What Robert came up with is as fascinating as it is aesthetically beyond compare. he Cadillac Life Phone is enveloped by a colorful curved shell which, when pulled apart, reveals a screen made of fluid behind a stable silicone layer. This large touch screen is the least of its cool features, for on closing the phone you could turn it into a laptop with the help of its special Cadillac OS and applications. The concept phone is powered by solar energy via the solar panel concealed by the shell (a USB 5.0 would also be available for alternative charging). There’s pretty much nothing that the Cadillac Life Phone can’t do because it also doubles (and triples) up as a universal remote/digital key.

Other specifications of the Cadillac Life Phone include 80GB SSD, 4GB of RAM, supports all types of video formats, measures 115x40x27mm, weighs 120gms and would have a battery life of 32 hours. It also includes wireless headsets. Now, if only Robert can make this amazing dream a reality for all of us ooh-aahing over it!


Via: Concept-Phones

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