Buy £500,000 Teddy, Get Cottage Free!

Great advertising skills are necessary when you are trying to sell something, even if it is something really worth buying. Puss in Boots marketed a poor farmer boy with such great skill and managed to sell the story of his being a Prince. Walt McKinlay didn’t have a cat to help him with his sales so he delegated the task to a Teddy bear.

McKinlay placed the Teddy bear at the window of his house, Christmas Cottage, with a ‘buy me’ sign stating the price of the Teddy as £495,000. This may seem a bit extravagant, even for a cute Teddy that has been in the family for two generations, but not quite so when you consider the fact that Teddy comes with a cottage absolutely free! McKinlay has been trying to sell the 17th century cottage in the medieval village of Lavenham, England. McKinlay, who is a retired butcher/farmer, stated that Teddy’s appearance in the window of the house has increased interest in the property and he has already received a few deals.

Cuddly and highly skilled Teddy may not be as old as the medieval cottage but certainly holds as much sentimental value for McKinlay because it used to belong to his daughter and his late wife before that. McKinlay wishes to let go of the bear which is almost a family heirloom in an attempt to ‘move on’.

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