$3.4 Million Mercedes SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream: Pimped Up And How!

Sports cars have something wicked going for them because not a single person can pull their gaze away from it. Car aficionados, however, always believe there is room for improvement and thus takes the rebirth of a Mercedes SLR McLaren.

The Mercedes has been pimped up and blinged up making its new avatar awe inspiring and hard to cease gawking at. A front splitter and bigger spoiler with a revised diffuser at the rear increases the downforce by 300kg and sets the automobiles speed up to 217mph. Not to mention the increase in power from the 999hp engine. However, what really gives the car its luxury title and transcends it a Mercedes SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream is the 14k gold splashed extravagantly over it and the added richness of 500 rubies. Certain areas have been given a 24k gold coating to battle the effect of stress.

Mercedes SLR McLaren

The interiors have also been treated just as well with gold painting for the leather and the transition of all buttons into gold or ruby. More gold for the wheel centres and ruby SLR logo complete the style upload. The awe-effing-some Mercedes is estimated to be worth $3.4 million!

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  • wooooooooooooooooooow.what a wonderfull mercedes slr meclaren,this is my dreams car,i will by one of this later,MY PROMISE Bye.

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