Renault E0: Dream of this Eco-Friendly Concept Car

It is a good thing to dream. And dream is noble if it is an eco-friendly world at that, where everything a human does goes a step further in helping positive climate change. Renault E0, a new concept car furthers that dream.

Amazing for its aesthetic looks and features, its name E0 apparently indicates zero emission. This car is meant to be different from the other cars, for its aim at fuel use. It will have a battery charged by the solar panel it is designed to carry, whenever possible. The car has four seats and designed with an obvious futuristic purpose. The four-wheeler has however, also been designed in two different platforms, wherein, one has an electric charging mechanism, and another one includes fuelling by liquid hydrogen and electric combustion.

renault-e01The body’s main constituent is reportedly aluminium, alongside other light weight materials. Although meant for four, the dreamer’s have used a simplistic framework for the car. It reminds you of today’s sports cars too, for the design is more or less curvy. One only wishes the concept car becomes reality soon, and an affordable one at that.

Via: Tuvie, Tudoran
Renault E0 renault-e02

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  • It looks great as a concept. But for practicality, a car with that roof will not pass.

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