LIT Urban Glow: Portable LED Light Brightens your Home

A plethora of lighting systems, illumination products and home interior lighting have flooded the market in recent times. We have even heard of furniture getting that illuminated touch.

Here is another product that would help do away with the need for those expensive lamp shades that have been part of your conventional decorations at home. A quicker way to redecorate your home, minus all the expensive wall hangings, paintings, and artefacts. Designer Mark Pohlkamp’s LIT Urban Underglow, is what takes care of this. It is a long LED tube that changes colour and is controlled by the remote. It has 16 colours and four preset light shows that you could use instead of opting for your home’s complete overhaul.

The LED light needs to be fixed mainly under your furniture with LIT universal clips that work with any kind of frame – wood, metal or plastic that is. It does not need any tools for installation. If you have a flat screen panel, you can use it for back glow too. It costs $ 200. Whether you would look at it as a more effective indoor lighting and designing option instead of the normal redecoration mode, or just another expensive gadget, is your call.

Via: Generate, Boingboing

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