Jawbone Prime: Designer Bluetooth Touted Best

A new Bluetooth device is set to redefine the design elements of Bluetooth manufacture. Move over staid black earloops, here is a new design that is great for its noise elimination and comes in different colours too.

American industrial designers Fuseproject have launched the upgraded versions of their Jawbone Bluetooth headset for manufacturer Aliph. Jawbone Prime helps enhance audio, and eliminates real world noise better other headsets as it can separate speech from ambient noise. Jawbone’s noise elimination technology is patented.

It comes in different colours under the name: Ear Candy! The other main difference: Jawbone Prime has an earbud instead of the earloop, although it has optional fine leather earloops.

designer-blue-tooth1It is the next step in integrating best in class noise elimination with personal design that is humanistic and minimal.
Yves Behar, Aliph chief designer says the firm adopted a strategy three years ago, that products for the face needed to be designed differently from other products. The new Jawbone, is 50 per cent smaller than its original. Noise elimination is optimized, with no visible buttons and a clutter free look, instead sporting a touch-surface technology.

The device is made with extremely smooth medical grade plastic, and is comfortable to wear.

Via: Fuseproject, Jawbone, Dezeen

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