Every Drop Counts: Grab This, To Save Water, Earth, Yourself

Oh yes, we do need to save water, for saving the earth, for saving the forests and ourselves. But not all of us have that moral courage to practice what we are good at lecturing, not the least when we step under that shower and feel the freshness and forget the saving bit in an instant. Every Drop of Water Counts. The makers of a new product that is more important than probably the diamond jewellery you are planning to buy have named their product just as perfectly: Every Drop Counts Water Meter.

The Water Meter, is actually a device, a clocker, that meters your water usage. Meaning, it will not just meter the water used from your faucets, but also detect running, dripping and leaking pipes that can dry up the tank soon.

How does it work? The meter is secured on to the pipe, does not obstruct water flow within the pipe in any way. It is easy to fix, and automatically relays all related information to a detachable display.
What you get to know, is how much water you have used, where you are using it, and also, the water temperature of tap water.

water-meter1Obviously, designer Ulrik Svenningsen had a noble and earth friendly thought when he designed the meter, for he says how, European cities can cut their water use by at least 20 per cent in a few years if they are careful. The water meter also apparently has advantages over conventional water meters.

Via: Yanko Design

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