29,000 Euro Rolleiflex Gold Edition From Franke & Heidecke, Celebrating 80 Years

Nikkon recently launched their CoolPix series which included a model, the Neo Classic, which was hinted to tug at the hearts of those nostalgic about the days past. Nikkon fell flat on this venture but if you are looking for something truly ancient and aunthentic in appearance then Franke & Heidecke won’t disappoint you.

The Rolleiflex pack unleashed by Franke & Heidecke is a limited edition pack which was released to commemorate 80 long years of their various accomplishments in the field of camera manufacturing. Splendidly beautiful, almost stunningly ancient in appearance, the cameras in the Rolleiflex pack are tinted luxuriously with rich gold. The collector’s item pack includes three Rolleiflex cameras: a 4.0 FW with Schneider Super Angulon 4,0/50mm HFT, a 2.8 FX with Zeiss Planar 2,8/80mm HFT, and a 4.0 FT with Schneider Tele-Xenar 4,0/135mm HFT.

The Rolleiflex pack is made from a walnut box upholstered with Bordeaux nappa leather and also includes a CNC-milled lenshoods and filter adaptors, plus an illustrated book. The exclusive edition of only 80 will cost 29,000 Euros, which also includes the shipping price to anywhere in the world.

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