Rihanna In Trouble Over $1.4 Million Grammy Jewellery

Singing sensation Rihanna appears to be in trouble this time over something that is quite humorous in retrospect. Rihanna is being hounded not by gossip hungry paparazzi but jewellery designers.

Rihanna always looks great but special is needed when you’re attending a Grammy pre-party. Rihanna’s jewellery was seized after the Grammy party because of her fiasco with then boyfriend Chris Brown. Apparently, the jewellery was taken in as evidence after the beating up on February 7th of this year. Since she had signed an agreement promising the return of the jewellery after the part, the designers are demanding it back and Rihanna’s lawyer had to file a motion in a LA County Superior Court. The jewellery that Rihanna has to return amounts to $1.4 million but Riri has a good enough excuse.

Rihanna was allegedly assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown who could face 6 years in jail for his momentary loss of control. As for the jewellery, it is in a safe enough place so long as some crooked cop doesn’t plan on running away with it.

Via: Luxist

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