A Cool Concept Design Cell Phone By Seokwon Hong

There is nothing new about being able to surf the net, watch television and do so many other things on a cell phone. Everyday there is a new cell phone in the market with latest features that come copiously. However, the cell phone designed by Seokwon Hong might just keep you spellbound. He augments the features of this cell phone by allowing you to transform your mobile phone into a big-screen TV.

You can watch movies or play your favorite games on the cell phone itself just the way you do on your television. His goal was to design a cell phone on which he could watch television and, now he has reached beyond his goal. The cell phone also comes with an additional feature that allows you to expand your screen to nearly any dimension depending on how many brix bezel-less mobile phones you have. In addition to these features, the cell phone also enables you to have conversations with other Brix users.

Now, this sounds like, you can create your own social networking site with other fellow Brix users. Nevertheless, an unconventional concept such as this might perhaps be very expensive for a cell phone!

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