Visnim Nomad Jackets For The Season Include Backpack Covers

The flashiest jackets are just that, jackets spruced up to look awesome. They rarely have anything else that would make them practical and more useful. In the world of fashion, after all, nothing is worn because of its functionality.

The Visnim Nomad jackets, on the other hand, are simplistic and beautiful jackets that also have to their credit a high rate of practicality. The Nomad jackets for this season have improved as everyday jackets because they also include backpack covers. Anyone would know how difficult it is going anywhere during the rainy season when they have a backpack to keep dry. With the backpack cover, you can even commute on your bike and would not have to worry about being unable to zip your jacket while wearing it over your backpack.

The Visnim Nomad jackets are available this season in their traditional white plus black, olive, navy and beige. The backpack covers as well as the jacket are made in Gore-Tex matching material.


Via: HighSnobiety

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