Nikon CoolPix Series Is Far From Beautiful

Nikon may be considered by many as the ultimate when it comes to amazing picture quality in photography but the design of the cameras themselves leave consumers desiring for more. With the launch of the CoolPix series, people are left hoping for a ‘cool camera’ in the future.

The Neo Classic model of the Nikon CoolPix series has been designed with the intent of giving digital photography technology a taste of its ancestors. Unfortunately, it falls flat in this regard because the cameras neither look stylish nor do they appear appear desiring in any way, even to the old-fashioned and nostalgic at heart. On the other hand, the Good Grip has an amazing design with a parallelogram body and stylish in silver and black leather. The CoolPix series have been designed by Nikolay Komarov and it is thus surprising that one designer can produce a beautiful design like the Good Grip when he shows lack of talent on another design.

Tech-wise, the CoolPix series have some cool features that would appeal to any fan of photography. The Good Grip has a new user interface that may make things easier for users. Pricing of the models are not available yet.

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