La Machine a Ecrire Le Temps is a Horological Masterpiece

La Machine � Ecrire le Temps was revealed at the Baselworld 2009. The device is a technological and horological masterpiece. In French, the device means, The Machine which Writes Time. This automaton is designed to suit the requirements of 21 century and was created by Montres Jaquet Droz. It took almost ten years to build this masterpiece and with about 1200 components, it gingerly holds on to itself.

The makers say they can only produce a few copies a year and it would cost a mind boggling $342,000. This is truly expensive and even if you could afford, you may not get one for yourself, as only a few would be made each year. La Machine � Ecrire le Temps has a steampunk feel to it and I would love to buy this if I could.

However, if you can’t get this for yourself, here is a video that you could watch and satiate your needs. There was a time when horological devices were the most advanced machines, but now this has to be the most artistic machine!

Via: UberGizmo

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