Jurassic Fish Fossil Auctioned at Christie’s

Christie’s International sale in Paris saw some huge money being exchanged after they auctioned off an ancient fish fossil. The fish belonged to the Jurassic era and was alive about 144 million years ago. It fetched almost $240,000 and is being touted as one of the most expensive piece of bones ever sold.

The fish, called the Ophthalmosaurus was bought by a private European collector and I must say this was a pretty imposing structure to be bought. The fossils of such fish could reveal things that were never known to man. Christie’s has sold other fossils in the past too and each of these auctions brought huge sums of money.

There is always a need and curiosity about all things from the past. This could be the reason why dig up fossil sites to learn more about past history of all the species of the planet. The jaws of a prehistoric shark sold at a lower price of $140,000 and was quite a disappointment though.

Via: Bloomberg

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