£50,000 Tree House for Russian Boy

The Treehouse Company which is located on Oundle Road, Weldon, U.K has designed a tree house that costs £50,000. The Northants comapny has made sure the tree house comes with all the luxuries one could imagine in a tree house.

It is well known that children usually dream of a secret place where they can spend sometime away from the prying eyes of adults. This tree house has been designed for a 10 year old Russian boy and it would be shipped to Moscow in just about a month. The tree house would be installed in the boy’s woodland grove next to his family’s castle.

The tree house includes a stained glass window, zip line, a pulley that can hold 500 kgs and many other things that even adults cant dream of ever in their insignificant lives. I would say, this boy will grow up to be a self indulgent kid that would think the world is created for him to enjoy. Well, it is still a nice idea to build something nice for your kid, and if you can afford, do contact the company!

Via: Northantset

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  • Dear Sirs, We are the original company building this treehouse also the ones who broke this storey. Could you please inform us as to how we may have a link to this story from your web site?


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