The World’s Most Expensive Suit

Alexander Amosu has designed the world’s most expensive suit and it comes with a cut, which is above the rest. This luxurious suit is made of Vicuna wool and the Musk ox’s wool which is also the most expensive wool in the world. Musk ox is an Antarctic animal that is very rare and its wool is the softest of them all.

The suit is going to cost £70,000 and each stitch would cost $14. This is also being sold at a time of recession and the luxurious designer says that he is always in business in spite of all the recession and global meltdown. The suit is also made of gold and diamond buttons and had to be transported under the security garb as evil doers could just snaffle the suit.

If you want to be the most luxurious looking person, I would say you must get this suit for yourself.

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