Sunglasses that Double Up as Swimming Goggles

Renato Gschwend has designed sunglasses that are a cut above the rest. The sunglass designer is based in Florence, Italy and just like Italian fashion, the sunglasses are way too cool for the masses. These sunglass come with stylish and interchangeable lenses which are thin and slim.

Depending on the weather and situation, you can change the lenses according to your wish. The frames have been constructed by the PVC and they can even be used as swimming goggles. Imagine being able to use your sunglasses as swimming goggles!

The best part about these sunglasses is that they look good in spite of being so multi functional and do not look out of the place in any situation. Thanks to the sunglasses’ Snap-in T-Form Design, the temples can be clipped off and replaced with swim strap. You will have to visit Renato’s page and ask him more about the details.

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