Paris Hilton: Her Diamond Studded Car Dashboard

Obsession with Pink can sometimes go to unbelievable lengths, just as obsession for luxury in spite of having loads of it can!

Extravagance is not new about Paris Hilton. And recession seems a distant island to her. She has just ordered a $400,000 diamond-encrusted dashboard to add some dash to her pink Bentley. It has been reported that the hotel heiress, 27, will get the dashboard flown out from the firm’s British Headquarters in Crewe to be fixed on her Contintental GT in Los Angeles.

Paris Hilton’s Bentley has been Barbie-inspired, customized in pink with upholstery, grille too in pink. Her initials have been fixed on most parts of the car. It was actually her Christmas present to herself. The pink is overdone no doubt, but Paris who confesses to being a longtime Barbie fan has said she always wanted a pink car.

Paris may have to wait though, as the Cheshire plant has halted production till early May owing to recession. As for Bentley’s staff who took the dashboard call, it was a stunner for them, the bit about the diamond encrusted order.

Via: Sun, Celebitchy

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