Most Affordable British Electric Car

If you had always wanted an electric car that was also affordable, here it is. What is already being planned as a concept may soon result in the mass manufacturing. The Bee is a Start-Up result and is quite an interesting product for a company that is just nascent.

The car seats 4 people and has five doors. It is expected to cost £12,000. It could be used as an urban car and it would reach a maximum speed of 80mph. Electric motors power the front wheels and the Bee would be hooked to a permanent 3G system and would have an iPod dock as well.

The company would make just 12,000 a year and is being touted as the most affordable British electric car ever made. The company is also working on a roadster called the Bee.Four, which would reach 60mph in 3 seconds and would have a top speed of 250mph. I should say, this company and their car look promising.

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  • That is a good start ,,,They need to hook up with bigger cos to ramp up the production ..Consumers will buy cars which are affordable rather than which cost $40-45k…Many consumers have become poor especially the middle class in US who dont have jobs or under employed Thks to greed on Wall st & no control in US by Booosh led to biggest debacle in the history ..
    They should follow the concept by Better Place to lease the battery until its cost comes down ..

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