A Stationary Cycle that Lets You Pedal

There is always something cool about stationary cycling. It is not only good for health but also helps you trim your flab and develop a great body. However, RealRyder has taken normal stationary cycling to a step further and have launched what they call the ABF8. The ABF8 comes with the ability to let the user balance along wit pedaling.

This means, it would help you strengthen not only your legs but also your upper crust and finally developing a good balance. The ABF8 is however quite expensive and comes with a price tag of $1,995. I would say, you must get this even if it is expensive as it will help you develop stamina, muscles and of course balance.

This is perhaps why doctors advised us all to cycle in fresh air on a normal bicycle as that would let us to develop balance. But with ABF8, we can develop balance right in the garden!

Via: OhGizmo / Uncrate

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