Pedal Powered Submarine May Cost $70,000

The exploration of underwater terrains may be a dream for most people, especially because of how expensive submarine can be. However, it may not remain a dream for very long if this Russian company mange to achieve what they desire to do.

Marine Innovation Technology has designed a submarine which can be powered mechanically by two people. Powered by pedalling, the two seater submarine is extremely cost effective making it affordable for a large number of the population and the simplicity of handling also means that driving this underwater vehicle will require no training. two average persons can keep the submarine going for at least four hours, with the vehicle running at a speed of 2-3 knots. On surface, it can hit speeds of 2-5 knots.

The underwater vehicle can travel up, down, forwards, backwards and also hover and rotate. Its transparent body would offer a 360 degree view. Testing is currently underway but if this finally hits the market the vehicle will be available for $30,000 to $70,000 which is extremely low for a submarine of its size.


Via: GizMag/BlueSpace

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