Oxygen Bath Detoxifies And Offers Complete Muscular Relaxation


Taking a bath is always a great thing when it comes to cleaning your body. On the other hand, it does more than just clean you up physically; it can also refresh you mentally giving you the feeling that the bath has been physically therapeutic.

Even so, an Oxygen Bath is still better thn an ordinary bath. While an ordinary only gives you the feeling that you have been given a spa treatment, the Oxygen Bath may actually do so. Offering you the ultimate in relaxation, Oxygen Baths are also supposed to improve circulation and help with cell restoration leading to better skin a[art from the more obvious muscle relaxation. It cleanses the body of the toxins that one accumulates over a period of each day.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an average person takes in toxins everyday through food and external environment which can kill off a large amount of cells and tissues over time and with accumulation, which an Oxygen Bath can detoxify.

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  • Hi-
    I am looking to purchase this Oxygen Bath (the one that looks like a big egg that a person gets into)
    Can I learn to use and purchase from you?? Thank you!
    Beth Smith

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