Cuddle up Right With the `C’ Pillow

For all the great advice one reads in newspapers and mags, sleeping in straight position is not all that conducive to many. Throw in those pillows, cuddle up, spread out, we tend to try all such positions to get that extra wink of sleep.

Here is a new C Full Body Pillow that will help you relax well. It is also called Reflux Wedge Pillows and Multi-Functional Bed Wedge. It provides cushy support for people who love to sleep turned to a side. In sync with its name, C pillow is a 54 inch curved pillow which has been designed differently from other body pillows. It does not put pressure on your shoulders so that you can sleep pain-free and sprain free. Your body is aligned well spinally, while the shoulders keep upright. Also, the pillow can support the knees well.

In short, it adjusts well to your body curves.

Unlike other pillows, C pillow helps better blood circulation in the body, and brings down the pain quotient for those who suffer from arthritis.

It helps heal patients convalescing post-surgery and also is a good bet for pregnancy. It gives complete support to the expecting mother who needs to rest on her back and stomach.

Via: Gizmodiva, Living in Comfort

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