Wanna Be Decadent? Build your Own Chapel!

If you would like to know the heights of decadence, here it is, a tiny home chapel built by a couple in Worcestershire. The couple were involved with the church a lot and decided to have their own chapel in the backyard, to make things a little easy.

They spent a crazy and sinful £25,000 to build the chapel and collecting all the artifacts. Now, the question is not about the chapel, but to see if it was really a great thing to do, and if it amounts to being ‘luxurious’. Having your own chapel at home is but a show of wealth, and thus proves that religion is a show of wealth and power, just like it has always been.

Show of power or wealth, religion has always been a tool of acquiring wealth, and temples, churches and other institutions have amassed a lot of money like this. British Humanist Society would say amen to that, and I would too!

Via: DailyMail

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  • There are times when the spirit within us needs a quiet place to transcend our physical self to visit with our Father and friends no longer of this world. A private sanctuary would be such a retreat

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