The World’s Most Expensive Champagne

There is always something nice about the most expensive product. Usually, people look up to those who use products that are the most expensive in the world. With that in mind, you must try the 1928 Krug, which is being touted as the most expensive bubbly in the world.

The next time you want to raise a toast and also make a show of it, get this champagne and raise a toast so that people can know how decadent and snobbish you are. The 75cl bottle costs $21,000 and each sip would be worth hundreds of dollars.

The champagne tastes of honey, and has a depth and aroma that makes it worthwhile. Certainly it must be one of the best champagnes ever bottled and it also must have had a great history behind it. However, $21,000 for a bottle of wine? Come on guys, give me a break!

Via: LuxuryInsider

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