Luxury, Thy Name is Diamond Cupcake

One has heard of cakes costing the roof, and fancy diamond wedding cakes touching the moon as far as pricing is concerned. But an entire cupcake made of just diamonds!

Surely, no one earlier thought of pouring diamonds into something as mundane as a cupcake! Mervis Diamond Importers have made this cupcake topped up with eight round cut dazzling diamonds around its circular edge. It has a two carat Asscher cut diamond queening in its centre.

Its price tag is $ 30,000. Certainly several hundred times pricier than an original delicious cupcake! Mervis Diamond Importers will hold the `Cupcakes and Wedding Rings’ trunk show on May 1 and 2, where two such identical diamond cup cakes will be on display.

Jonathan Mervis apparently decided to do this for a fun feeling, to make weddings stunning and memorable, and also foresees diamond cupcakes turning into hot buys for weddings. Mervis is also trying his luck at the Guinness Book of World Records. If there are families that would go for cupcakes for sheer indulgence in luxury even when the world around is reeling under job losses and poverty, one needs to wait and watch if the diamond cupcake turns a reason to spend.
Via: Mervis Diamond

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