Salt and Pepper in a New Avatar

If you are the artistic and romantic types, you obviously would not like anything that has got to do with formulae and chemistry. Just to annoy you more, we bring to you the chemistry inspired pepper and salt set.

This Good Chemistry Salt and pepper set comes with an accurate NaCl ball and an inaccurate Pe + Pe r pepper set. However, it is quite artistic itself, and I am sure you would find it a quirky addition to your dining table. These are made of porcelain and will not roll down the table and can be rested on any table top.

They are quite functional and will also allow your guests to strike up a conversation with you, if you are a sullen and silent host. They are available for $15 at Elsewares. I am sure you would love to have these on your tables. I shall definitely buy them without any doubt.

Via: FreshTrends

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