Prickly Chair for Your Favorite Enemies

Valentina has designed the interesting and funny looking Cactus Chair, also known as Prickly Chair. What it does is, it might prick your butt when you try and sit on it. I am not sure if this product is commercially available but what I do know is this is one helluva chair which only seems cooler the more I gaze at it.

It would be so nice to make your unwanted guests sit on this and later smirk at the sight of them jumping around in pain. It is also quite tasteful in design, with all the cactus like formations at the back rest and also the pricklies, jutting out of the seat.

This seat shall make sure you would never want a cooler looking chair in your life again. I would have however liked the cactus to be in a different color as the green and pink combination sucks a little.

Via: DesignMilk

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