In Future, a Self Powering Foldable Phone

It’s a known thing that Japanese firms have been working over the years at humanizing mobile phones and simplifying them. Going on similar lines, Japanese manufactuer Kyocera has brought out a concept of what it calls, the EOS phone.

This phone’s specialty is that it transforms its shape from a clamshell to a wallet or clutch-purse on being folded.
It is a folding phone and includes a flexible OLED displa. It also has a semi-rigid polymer case that can heal your zapped senses with a durable user experience. What is more special however is that this phone does not need any battery to power it.

Because it produces energy by translating kinetic energy into an electric charge through an array of nano-scale piezoelectric generators when the user physically interacts with it. The phone makers say it is sleek in terms of design, by hiding the phone keys when not in use.

It has a flexible screen that unfolds to show its widescreen display. While its design is compact and neat, the phone also offers greater adaptability as well. It is a concept for now, but the day may not be far off when it turns real.
Via: Core77

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