Float at Home in a Cloud with Cloud Sofa

Did you ever think you could float on a sofa, in the confines of your own home? It is actually true! You can float on a sofa and feel light! It’s not a scene out of some science fiction or kiddie fantasy film that you would have watched eons ago, but Cloud Sofa, as it is named, is billed to be a design masterpiece.
The piece of furniture is built of ultra comfort and relaxation and is designed to be a magnetically levitating or ascending sofa whose base, a separate piece, generates magnetic force and offers it to the sofa that can thereby be enabled, to float. It has no steel cables to support it.
So if you want to just crash on to it, relax or take a quick nap on, this is the thing for you. The price could be as high as its cloudy heights though. This design concept however received a special mention at the RELAX furniture Design contest held by Yanko Design. So if you want that de-stress session you’ve been longing for badly, get yourself the cloud home.
Via: BoingBoing, KooTouch

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