Egrill Cooktop: You Will Fall for this Party Egg

It’s an egg you will fall head over heels for at parties, except that, it is not an egg. It is an egg shapped cooktop, rather an Egrill, an outdoor barbeque grill. In a way, the grill can turn an otherwise dull dinner event to an exciting one on its own! Industrial design engineer and artist Michael Weaker has designed the aesthetic piece, with thoughtfulness and attention to detail while maintaining a simplistic focus.
Here is how it works. The egg-shaped grill is made from three inches thick ThermoCera. This material is pumice-like ceramic that allows light to pass through will holding heat. The Egrill’s lid can be opened and move away for convenience, because of its unique joint connection.

It is almost like one is opening the smaller elliptical end of the egg into a lid. Egrill’s three legs are made from cast aluminium. While the warm colour of the cooking fire glows from inside the grill to add zing to the outdoor cooking experience, the look of this Egrill is something you will vouch for before looking at any other such grill. It sure is a buy you want to show off to your peers.

Via: Michael Weaker

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