truth Wearing Device Can Be Worn Around the Wrist

It is always annoying when your partner or a friend starts lying and cheating and you won’t even know! The most trusted of them all gets away by lying and you would be cursing yourself for being so believing when you could have found out everything about them!

Well here is a wearable device that you can strap around your partner or friend’s wrist so that when they are lying, it shows. When they are speaking truth, it remains blue but when they become aroused, which assumingly means they are lying, the lights turn red. It costs $45

Nevertheless, don’t trust this stupid gadget too much, because people can get aroused even when they are speaking the truth, if they are anxious or of they have a doubt they won’t be believed. These gadgets can’t be trusted really. The Makezine site gives you a systematic procedure as to how to build your own Truth Wearable Device.


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