Home Automated Living Works with Voice Command Software

It is always great to own cool gadgets and awesome LCD screens, home theaters and other such goodies. However, of what use is the platinum blonde lifestyle if you can’t control even the inanimate things around? Thus, Home Automated Living is an awesome system that helps you control your house with the help of voice command software.

It allows the users to manage lighting, play the desired music, handle security issues and make sure the temperature is just right in the house. You would not have to browse around and open files to play music, but you would just need to talk to the microphone and say the file name and the folder it belongs to, and the system will play that song for you.

It also comes with a 70″ rear-projection HDTV and it all comes with a universal remote control as well. There is no information about the price or availability but you could always contact the manufacturers to find more about it.

Via: Electronic House

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