Electrified Table Great to Solve Your Wire-and-Plug Woes

Those dangling wires! It could be the LCD wires hanging vicariously, or the computer’s suffusion of wires from its processor, speakers and the multiple electric plug points on different sides of the room. Enough to jar the look of your chic home. Not many thought of simplifying the process of fixing wires and plugs.

electrified-tableBut Matthew Warren and Scott Behr of Total Metal Resource, Inc have come up with an Electrified Blue Table that aims at a tidy solution for the various plugs we use to power our daily gadgets. So it is not just about an elegant piece of furniture that struts about in your room with no use. This one is a fully functional piece that can be used to power gadgets such as hard drives, cell phones, guitar amps, music players, and even laptops.

How? It has plugs on its frame – sides and on the feet. The table, is a simple steel frame topped with light blue spray paint. Not great on its looks scale, but ever so useful. The table will be featured at BKLYN Designs in about three weeks.

Via: BKLYN Designs

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