Black Diamond Projector Screen: Can be Used in Bright Light Too

Black Diamond projector screen was launched about a year back, and the new age projector screen went on to win many a consumer hearts as well as turned out an award winner. Screen Innovations (SI), the firm that manufactures it, has now has launched the successor to it – the Black Diamond II projector screen.
The newer version of the projection screen is an enhanced product that has better colour accuracy, contrast and evenness of image. To use Black Diamond II, you do not need to pull down the blinds, or switch off a glaring light for that right effect and clarity of image.
It means, that the projector screen is use-worthy at commercial and consumer indoor and outdoor home theaters, bars and restaurants and other outdoor venues. This product also manages to bring down the amount of light scatter and minimizing the limitations of standard front projection screens.
User testimonials have apparently been favourable for the up to date projector screen.
Screen Innovations, is a United States based projector screen manufacturer that blends technology with trends for high-tech and high definition projector screens that match consumer needs. The firm has listed more details related to Black Diamond II in its website.
Via: SVC Online Blog


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