A Table that Emanates Music!

Think Music and our minds are so attuned to black boxes, speakers and the likes, that we cage our musical minds to them. However, Reuge, world reknowned for its manufacture of pioneering luxury music boxes and singing birds, has put music into, not even a chair, but a table. Titled Manhattan Musical table, it is meant to be a subtle piece of work, but is classy, while being contemporary. It was showcased at Baselworld 2009.

Its amazing tapestry work actually has not less than 3,300 pieces of pear tree and chestnut wood pieces. Compact in design, yet precise in detail, the table has two side drawers that hide 12 interchangeable cylinders. Each cylinder plays three tunes on 72 notes. It has a unique collection that includes Hungarian Dance by Brahms, Guiseppe Verdi’s Aida and Yesterday by Beatles.
The music table is a sure tribute to the music lover who can splurge for some posterity, some class and a great deal of elegance.

Reuge’s music box designs are known for their subtle nature. If you can afford it, go for the luxe piece of furniture and music blended together.

Via: Reuge, Deluxe Blog

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