A Luxurious Watch Winding Closet

Erwin Sattler has launched the Custodia. The Custodia is a great piece of furniture, which comes with secret space to save all your treasured material. The idea that these pieces of furniture can hold so many secrets is something that baffles me. Imagine, you have a closet and you think the owner keeps only wine in it.

If you prod a little or just snoop around, you would find diamonds and jewelry in the secret space. It also doubles up as a watch winder and is too luxurious for the common man’s tastes. There is also a 13-layer varnish to give the closet a shiny and pampered look. It also comes with LED lamps so that your precious watches glow in the light and you could show off in front of your guests.

The furniture itself is well designed and when you are opening the door or using it otherwise, it makes no creaky noises thanks to the great quality of materials used here. The Erwin Settler Custodia costs from $77,865 to $117,330.

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