Easy Net Space is a Kitschy but Cool Pod

If you have been looking at some interesting pods for work, chances are you have come across many of them. The Easy Net Space is a pod just for accessing Internet in privacy. In most places, the product has received neutral to bad reviews. However, I believe this product has a kitschy cool character that beats all the other pods I have seen till now.

It comes with a 19″ screen, speakers, illuminated keys, a sexy mouse and other such accessories. You could go ahead and get a Wi-fi connection or anything else for that matter, as it can be easily customized. It is available in vibrant and bright colours like red, silver, and black.


The price and availability are not known but you could always check with the manufacturers to see if they are unveiling this beauty anytime soon. In any case, the unfair reviews only indicate that people lack good taste and when something cool like this comes up, people choose to ignore because of ignorance.

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