U*Tique Vending Machines Sell Cosmetics To The Socially Inept

Shopoholics absolutely love shopping and are always spoken about but then you have those who are on the opposite end of the spectrum and loathe shopping. You may call them misers but very often many people refrain from shopping because they hate the interaction that goes with the experience.

U*Tique decided that instead of losing customers who may not be shopping just because of their inept social skills, it would be better to provide them with service that would include having to talking to a perfect looking salesgirl. The U*Tique Vending Machine brings you the best of cosmetics so that you can buy all your favourites without talking to anyone or waiting in line to pay for them. With 50 different selections from Lancome, Bliss, Lipstick Queen and more, the products in the vending machine would be constantly available. With a vending machine, you can also put some restrain on your temptation to waste time trying on every product that you see and buying them.

Sadly though, the U*Tique Vending Machines have been put up only at the Fred Segal in Santa Monica although the company does intend to soon put it up at many more locations. I wonder if we can get one in our office.

Via: StyleList


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