Faruscher And Feltrinelli Celebrates 25 Years With 686 Lido Dino Feltrinelli

If you had enough money then you would undoubtedly own a yacht for even those who do not live anywhere near water bodies or have any skill when it comes to sailing still desire to own one. Yachts are not just beautiful creations; they also herald the entry into the realm of the in-people.

Frauscher has been known for quite some time as the king of yacht makers. Their latest product is the 686 Lido Dino Feltrinelli, lauched in celebration of the quarter century collaboration between Frauscher and Feltrinelli. Hte title of the yacht would surely remind you of the 2007 686 Lido after which it is named and perhaps designed as well. The 686 Lido Dino Feltrinelli becomes a special creation of the company and even had the prestige of debuting at the 40th international boat show at Dusseldorf. Designed by Annette Hintwirth, the 686 Lido Dino Feltrinelli includes 360degree swivelling chairs so everyone can enjoy the panoramic view, electrical connection hidden away in the floor, and height adjustable tables. The interiors reek of luxury, including the eight seats upholstered with genuine waterproof leather.

23.5ft long and powered with a 425PS V* engine, the 686 Lido Dino Feltrinelli also features a windshield which adjusts height automatically depending upon the speed. Only 9 of these luxury yachts have been made but there is no information about the pricing yet.

Via: BornRich/Yachtopolis
686 Lido Dino Feltrinelli

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