Fake Gold Mouse Sucks Bad

Here is something you really wouldn’t want to buy if you wanted to look chic. This mouse is designed to look like gold bullion and it surely looks very odd and bad. It is one of the more ergonomically badly designed products released lately. It comes with only two regular buttons and not even a wheel to scroll.

The way it shines in its yellow, it would surely make you look like the tackiest creature ever. If trying to look cool was your intention, you might just forget about it. Buying this would only prove you are more uncool than Big Ethel from Archie’s comics.

It even costs $35 and that should help you understand why it is so tacky. It looks like gold but it is not. Moreover, gold and yellow look really bad. I would have liked something in silver though, as that would look more stately and chic.

Via: MaximumPC

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