Dual Quad Desk Is A Wall-E Look Alike

Who could possibly ever forget, Wall-E, the sweet little robot that was left behind on Earth when it became a massive landfill? Even though his lady love Eve was faster, shinier and a whole lot better technically and as a robot, it was Wall-E that was the star of the movie.

It appears that Wall-E didn’t just inspire geeks to ask out beautiful girls but even inspired designers to create cooler furniture. Fred Baier doesn’t say so but his Dual Quad Desk does look strangely like Wall-E. The desk has been designed with three different looks though each has a striking resemblance to the other. According to the designer, the desk in pale flesh colour with the haunting blue eyes is the baddie, so perhaps the one in dark charcoal grey must be the angelic version of these. The desks were made for a private collection in UK and US.

The transformer robot Dual Quad Desks were handmade from lacquered birch plywood and each one costs £11,100. It may sound a bit extravagant but a lot has gone into the creation of each of the desks.

dual quad desk

Via: CommissionACraftsman

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