Chilled Coffins For The Dead To Preserve Their Good Looks

The only thing that we can be sure to expect, the only thing that is inevitable, ‘the leveller’ that reduces each person to the same state as any other is death. It is strange then that so many people are afraid of it and wish to do everything they can to make their existence during and after death as comfortable as their life.

Serbians have found a way to make their afterlife quite comfortable in a way that sustains their good looks. Apparently, the latest rage in Serbia is air-conditioned coffins. A trend that started in Novi Sad have people opting to buy hi-tech coffins that keep the corpses of their loved ones below freezing temperature so that the corpses remain fresh looking during the summer months. There is no information about whether the coffins would continue to freeze the inmate after their burial or not but it seems nobody thought of just getting the burial over with as soon as possible instead of spending thousands over these fancy coffins.

Each casket would cost you about $6,600 which may seem like an exorbitant amount of money to be spending on something that will rot away underground in a few years. Perhaps, they wanted for their loved ones to look just as good when St. Peter welcomes them at the Pearly Gates.

Via: DailyStar/GizModo/CNet


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